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nature meets

the public toilet

plants fighting shame


After a social exploration of the culture and taboos that surround the public toilet, shame and guilt appeared to be the two most common emotions linked to this private/public space. The modern public toilet neglects human nature. White polished tiles, the smell of chemicals...Forcing upon us such negative learnt emotions

I developed a soil bioplastic with which public toilet cabines could be produced. This material  reproduces a natural atmosphere in the interior and exterior of the cabine, keeping the 'musts' of a toilet (hygienic, private, easy to clean and maintain...). 


The toilet is equipped with a replaceable waste drawer, which is changed every few days and taken to a biogas tank, where it will be turned into renewable energy sources.


The user is informed of this system as they use the toilet, making them feel, instead of ashamed or guilty, that they are actually being generous giving their waste for a bigger cause. 

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-10 a las 18.
Captura de pantalla 2016-02-10 a las 18.

Technical drawing of the nature toilet and its maintenance

documentary of the social experiment that lead to this project's conclusion during salone del mobile in milan 2016

illustrations as part of the social study of 'why are we ashamed to poo in public toilets'

articles about this project:

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